Active Directory & Exchange Services

AD Migration

As mergers and acquisitions increase, Active Directory consolidation and restructuring is becoming more complex. You must plan carefully so that you don’t miss key dependencies or overlook critical resources and user groups that must be migrated. We migrate any Active Directory version to latest Active Directory without any service degradation. Over half of all migrations fail, but you can complete yours accurately when you’re armed with the right AD migration to restructure and consolidate with no impact to end users.

Your end users maintain secure access to workstations, resources and email throughout the entire migration process. Dodi Solutions Migrate your Active Directory with no downtime, no data loss, no stress.

·         Robust project management
·         Automatic updates
·         Complete migration planning
·         Secure execution
·         Evaluate business requirement for active directory migration
·         Perform Audit on Existing Active Directory Infrastructure
·         Provide Plan for implementation Process
·         Migrate with no downtime

Exchange Migration

Dodi Solutions Migrate Exchange Server any to latest which eliminates the risk of migrating and consolidating to new Exchange 2019. The migration process can be complex. We Migrate any Exchange Server version to latest Exchange Server without any security concerns. There is no one-size-fits-all guide to migration. Instead, companies will need to identify their current situation and where they would like to migrate to.

·         Synchronize mailboxes, public folders and calendar information
·         Maintain coexistence throughout your migration project
·         Direct synchronization
·         Public folder migration
·         Live reporting
·         Mailboxes Migration
·         Databases Migration
·         Groups Migration
·         Policy Migration