Cloud Consulting

Cloud adoption is gaining speed as businesses believe this will put them ahead of the competition. Reduced total cost of ownership and lesser hardware to manage are a few prominent drivers of Cloud motion. Dodi Solutions with our deep Cloud understanding advise you on the right Cloud approach, platform fitment, designing robust Cloud architecture considering key business aspect like scale, security and manageability.

Leveraging the Microsoft cloud platform is a great way for businesses to tap into the growing popularity and amazing potential of cloud-based workflow. With Dodi Solutions you can now device the perfect cloud strategy exclusively for your business, with our experience on building awareness, ensuring analysis and enabling adoption of Cloud Based services. This is precisely where Dodi Solutions extensive experience an established Microsoft Azure Circle Partner comes to the fore.


This phases beings with outlining your priorities be it cost, performance, scale or manageability.

·         Infrastructure Assessment Compute, Storage, Network, Hypervisors, Firewalls, Operating Systems, Kernel version (Linux)
·         Application Assessment Technology stack, Software Compliance, Application architecture.
·         Data Assessment Data Flow, Data structuring, Storage devices, Software Compliance
·         Security & Risk Assessment Firewall rules, Data protection policies, IDS/IPS, Identity and Access management

Cloud Design Service

  • Design and Implement Cloud Architecture

We help you design Cloud architecture that is Always available, Auto Scalable, Highly Secure, Precisely Networked.

  • Design and Implement Cloud Security

We help you engineer a robust preventive or proactive security system with DMZ, Web Application Firewall, IDS/IPS, Identity and Access management, Logging, Alerting System

  • Design and Implement Backup/DR strategy

We help you build a fail proof business continuity plan with Site cover, Geo- data replication.

Change Management

  • We help you manage IT change with precision and predictability
  • Cloud adoption training programs
  • Privileged Identity Management and Logging to capture changes on your Cloud Environment
  • Deploying Change Management processes