Cloud Migration

On-prem to Cloud, One Cloud provider to another, rather anywhere to Cloud – Dodi Solutions can help you drive the transition with Zero business impact. We could use varied approach to transition to Cloud application approach, lift and shift or redeployment. With deep Cloud expertise & the help of tools, we use the approach that fits your need and is fast, cost-effective and seamless.

With every passing day, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the tremendous potential in performance, agility, and cost effectiveness of transitioning legacy systems to the new-age future-ready Microsoft based cloud systems. To achieve seamless migration, you need expert cloud migration services from seasoned professionals. At Dodi Solutions, we know the art and science of migration to cloud services with the right blend of risk mitigation strategies.

When it comes to deploying your solutions or products on Cloud, it is important for you to choose the right deployment model. The 3-key considering should be speed, agility and efficacy. With an enriching Implementation portfolio spanning various application architecture, Dodi Solutions seasoned Cloud specialists help you design & build a Cloud delivery model that unleashes the true power of Cloud.

Cloud adoption is gaining speed as businesses believe this will put them ahead of the competition. Reduced total cost of ownership and lesser hardware to manage are a few prominent drivers of Cloud motion. Dodi Solutions with our deep Cloud understanding advise you on the right Cloud approach, platform fitment, designing robust Cloud architecture considering key business aspect like scale, security and manageability.

·         Infrastructure Migration (All OS types & all Kernel version (Linux))
·         Data Migration (Structured / Unstructured)
·         Platform Migration (Any Cloud Platform)
·         Application Migration (One Layered, Micro services, Containerized, Converged Orchestration)

Assessment & Planning:


·         Infrastructure Assessment Compute, Storage, Network, Hypervisors, Firewalls, Operating Systems, Kernel version (Linux)
·         Application Assessment Technology stack, Software Compliance, Application architecture.
·         Data Assessment Data Flow, Data structuring, Storage devices, Software Compliance
·         Security & Risk Assessment Firewall rules, Data protection policies, IDS/IPS, Identity and Access management


·         Deploy, Test & Migrate
·         Manage & Monitor
·         Optimize