Dodi Solutions

Managed Cloud Services Provider

Dodi Solutions provide managed cloud services of AWS and Microsoft Azure in this we manage complete management and control of a client’s cloud platform, including migration, maintenance and optimization as a managed cloud service provider, a business can ensure its cloud resources run efficiently. Outsourcing cloud management also allows businesses to avoid new hiring and training costs.

Dodi Solutions can provide private, public and hybrid cloud environments managed services. Working with a managed cloud services providers is a collaborative process. To determine the best cloud resources for client IT infrastructure by evaluating the user’s applications and data. Dodi solutions will create a custom plan detailing the steps to build and run an optimized cloud environment.

What does managed cloud services include?

Managed cloud services can encompass a variety of IT tasks, including engineering on demand, operations management, 24/7 help desk support, hosting and implementation. By offloading these types of tasks dodi solutions as a trusted partner, you can free up your internal IT teams to focus on more complex initiatives and efforts that drive new business outcomes.

Benefits of managed cloud services

Partnering with a dodi solutions can help organizations achieve numerous goals, both within IT and in the business at large. These outcomes include reduced complexity, improved cost control and accelerated growth and innovation.